Hot off the easel!

Just finished this pastel of early morning on the Chattahoochee for the Alliance Francaise exhibit (it will be on display at the Mountain Conservation Trust fund raiser in 3 weeks)

Settles bridge

Coopers hawk poster

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More live sketches from Quebec…

After an overnight in Baltimore with my great friend Dr. McKay Jenkins and his lovely family, we crossed into Quebec for about the 50th time in 20 years. Other than that unusual encounter with a surely Quebec border guard, the time in Quebec was predictably civil, cultured and European. The overnight in Riviere Matawin at French dogsled guides Michele and Jean-Chroistophe was like a night in a French alpine hut. Their unfettered generosity always touches my heart. A feast of local côtes du porc (pork ribs, farm raised next door 10 kilometers away) and home grown veggies, followed by homemade peach tart du mason washed down with local beer or french wine, was perfect. Even with the unusual lighting of solar powered lamps, those 2-3 hours of french conversion, stories , laughter and live music always confirms, for me, the words of Thomas Jefferson “There is more happiness in one year of a frenchman’s life than 10 years of an Englishman’s”. The same proved true my next night in Montreal with an auberge full of French students.

Jean Christophe explained again how he cuts and splits 20 cords of Canadian hardwoods (birch and maple) a year before the winter he needs them to heat the log cabin with seasoned wood for the 8 months of winter. He was fascinated when I told him of the variety of hardwoods in North Georgia that don’t exist in Canada (locust, oaks, sourwoods, poplar, elm, chestnut, etc)

Stay tuned for a report of the culture shock of New York City after the French Canadian north woods and Montreal…


Place d'armes

Mckay and Annalisa


This sketch below was a from a Chattahoochee River canoe trip for reference for upcoming show at Alliance Française,

Indian wier




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Live from Montreal, New York and Chicago

A few quick sketches shot live from my journal. Stay tuned for detailed report of cultural observations of Montreal, New York, and Chicago (here’s a clue …Chicago is friendlier than New York, Montreal, or Atlanta! I’ll explain…)

Montreal one

Mont Royal 2

Julien Chung


Penn station1

Penn Station 2

Lake Shore Der Chicago

Pan fountain

Shadow pond mansion


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Live from Quebec!

We’ve been on the constant move but here are three quick sketches from my journal. So far, this “grand tour” or Montreal, New York, and Chicago has been a memorable adventure. Most note-worthy is that in over 40 traverses into French Canada in 20 years, I encountered my first ever surly and angry Canadian border guard. Every other encounter with French Canadian customs agents has been nothing short of pleasant and welcoming. Either Canada has changed their public relationship policy or this guy was having an exceptionally bad day.

Stay tuned for live reports from New York and Chicago…

Mt. Tremblant

Tanook devant Mckays

Mont Royal



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Still wet! Sexy chick! Fifty shades of sepia II

Just finished this watercolor for two upcoming exhibits: A fund raiser for Mountain Conservation Trust on October 11 and the big exhibit at Alliance Française on December 5. Stay tuned! (Since Facebook seems to think I’m interested in “shocking french video!” I thought i’d try the same tired marketing ploy. Desolé.)

Coopers hawk poster


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Robin Williams 1951-2014

From 1980-2008, the AJC published hundred of my caricatures of celebrities but I never sketched Robin Williams. Today, I sketched this quick watercolor tribute in my journal…

Robin Williams2-1


Below is the largest painting of mine ever published in the AJC in 2001: A two-page color spread titled “Know Your Neighbors”. The key to these Atlanta celebrities is below. This piece and many others will be included in my upcoming book “The Art of News: Selected works of Walter Cumming published in the AJC 1980-2008″. Stay tuned!

Know your neighbors double truck

Neighbors key


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Hot off the easel! Two new pastels for this weekend

Just finished these two new pieces: a portrait of my son’s lovely girlfriend Julie (not for sale, a gift to Alston and Julie) and a study of light and shadow in June at 3,000 ft. Both will be on display at the Cumming/Preston Tate house this weekend. Stop by!

Also, those who ordered books and haven’t picked them up, they are ready to pick up at the Cumming/Presto house. Stay tuned for news of an upcoming live report from NEW YORK CITY and MONTREAL, and an exhibit at Alliance Française in December.

Julie 2

“A portrait is a figure study with something not quite right about the mouth” -John Singer Sargent . Julie, Alston, and I are quite ok with the mouth.

Embo's azalias

This scan is a bit dark. Check out the original this weekend


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