Still wet! Sexy chick! Fifty shades of sepia II

Just finished this watercolor for two upcoming exhibits: A fund raiser for Mountain Conservation Trust on October 11 and the big exhibit at Alliance Française on December 5. Stay tuned! (Since Facebook seems to think I’m interested in “shocking french video!” I thought i’d try the same tired marketing ploy. Desolé.)

Coopers hawk poster


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Robin Williams 1951-2014

From 1980-2008, the AJC published hundred of my caricatures of celebrities but I never sketched Robin Williams. Today, I sketched this quick watercolor tribute in my journal…

Robin Williams2-1


Below is the largest painting of mine ever published in the AJC in 2001: A two-page color spread titled “Know Your Neighbors”. The key to these Atlanta celebrities is below. This piece and many others will be included in my upcoming book “The Art of News: Selected works of Walter Cumming published in the AJC 1980-2008″. Stay tuned!

Know your neighbors double truck

Neighbors key


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Hot off the easel! Two new pastels for this weekend

Just finished these two new pieces: a portrait of my son’s lovely girlfriend Julie (not for sale, a gift to Alston and Julie) and a study of light and shadow in June at 3,000 ft. Both will be on display at the Cumming/Preston Tate house this weekend. Stop by!

Also, those who ordered books and haven’t picked them up, they are ready to pick up at the Cumming/Presto house. Stay tuned for news of an upcoming live report from NEW YORK CITY and MONTREAL, and an exhibit at Alliance Française in December.

Julie 2

“A portrait is a figure study with something not quite right about the mouth” -John Singer Sargent . Julie, Alston, and I are quite ok with the mouth.

Embo's azalias

This scan is a bit dark. Check out the original this weekend


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Thank you art buyers! My new book is here!

Un grand merci to those who bought paintings at the show and to all those who ordered my book! The books are ready to pick up (with your signed print) at the Cumming house. (for book orders, email me at )

For those who missed out on the show, stay tuned for new work available August 2 over Annual meeting weekend at the Cumming house. Also, stay tuned for details of a group exhibit of the Chattahoochee River in December at Alliance Française d’Atlanta and other upcoming shows this fall.

Pavillion in November

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.20.26 PM
Page 2 and 3

River Journal page1

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Live sketches of Peachtree Road Race!

Just finished these quick sketches this morning at 10th street and Peachtree. Also one final pastel for my show tomorrow.

Peachrre sketch2jpg

Peachtree sketch 1

Beaver pond on June morning

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Hot off the easel! Show this Saturday!

Just finished these 2 new pieces for Saturday show. One is from a fall sketch of the Pavilion and the other from a canoe trip on Amicalola River.

Pavillion in November


S turn Upper Amicalola-2And here are a couple of pages of my new book, available for book signing at the Saturday show…

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.20.26 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 7.45.11 PM


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Live from Quebec! 3 new paintings

Three new paintings for my July 5 show, and some live journal entries. Stay tuned for a detailed report of French emersion with Jean -Christophe and Michele in Quebec. Also details of my July 5th show and book signing…

Bêtes Pouants en Juin



Feisty swimming hole


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