Correction: WAGA tv5 not SAGA tv5. (check out this tres cool video)

Sycamore at Jones Bridge

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River of the dammed II

Halfmoon rising“Half-moon rising over Buford Dam”, pastel 11″x14″

I just finished this latest piece in the exhibit opening this Friday. I also just learned from local canoeist / photographer Rick Lubrandt that the red slim that is covering the rocks is a result of Lake Lanier’s fall “turning” and by January the water released is much more clear but still has heavy metals (Hmmm. don’t let your dog drink it). Also, note the bamboo in the foreground is actually an “invasive species” like kudzu! Still, a lovely design element.

Stay tuned for final paintings and come to the opening Friday!!

Chattahoochee Point 2

I learned from Rick that this is a local fly fisherman Nate Friday at Chattahoochee Point.




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Shocking live sketches from Buford Dam

Yesterday, I explored the west shore  of the Chattahoochee on foot. A large half-moon rose in the east over an apocalyptic scene: 20 foot  high riverbank cliffs, cut by 55 years of dam releases lined both sides of the river. Choked, tangles of deadfall made access by canoe impossible. Two lone fly fishermen waded zombie-like among red, mud-soaked rock. I was sad in a kind of primal way, trying to imagine what this spot looked like before the dam. Still, there was a kind of beauty in the destruction, like a well crafted horror movie. Hertzogesque.

Don’t miss the opening this Friday, 7:00 at Alliance Francaise (rsvp on link below).

Walking dead 1Mile 348River of the dammed

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Magic river light. Just finished this one…

This is the largest piece in the show… 16″x20″ image. For those of you
“on the mountain” tomorrow, stop by the Cumming/Preston house for a private venissage (preview show) from 2:00-5:00 of the Alliance Franais sow on Dec 5.. Hope to see you!

Sycamore at Jones Bridge



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See something. Paint something.

Hot off the easel. Two new pastels for the December 5 show at Alliance Française.

Canot rouge


“Canot rouge”, 11″x14″ pastel

Wildcat Road in October


“Wildcat Road in October”, 11″x14″ pastel

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Live, dangerous sketches from the Chattahoochee River

Yesterday, Tanook and I had the high risk adventure of canoeing with a TV5 reporter and a very expensive video camera in the boat. Riverkeeper’s Sally Bethea joined us on the riverbank for a live interview. Stay tuned for broadcast dates.

Also, mark your calendars for the December 5th show at Alliance Française d’Atlanta.

Sally Bethea

E Palisades looking upriver

E Palisades downriver

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Shocking live sketches…

…and a new pastel for the December show. The river sketches were drawn uber quick (5-10 min) from the banks of the Chestatee River. The martini sketch is an observation, not a judgement.

“Impossible de faire un portrait sans avoir un avis du sujet” -Baudelaire (paraphrased)

November at the spillway

2nd martini

Chestatee river 1

Chestatee River 2


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