This Sunday in the AJC and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Don’t miss Bo Emerson’s report on An Appalachian Adventure 20 years later and Don Hopey’s account (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) with a full page of my sketches this Sunday.

A.T. layout1 72dpi

Harpers Ferry with caption 72dpi-1_edited-1


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Just finished these last  two of a series of five portrait commissions of Atlanta’s “Winship girls” (Nell, Margaret, Lil, and Lane). All five will be on display, along with new paintings of Tate and the Chattahoochee River, 3:00-6:00 at the Cumming/Preston house. Stop by if you’re at Tate!

Mama Nell and Papa Joe 1930s

Above is a 17″x23″ pastel of “Mama Nell” and “Papa Joe” Winship (painted from photos taken in the 1930s)

2015 mailer front


Above is a pastel, 23″x17″ of Nell and George Mongold (bottom images are from the 1940’s of Nell with her horse at Conehaynee Lodge and George as an early pilot for Delta. (Note a correction on the postcard I sent out, I mistakenly identified Nell as her sister Margaret)

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Hot off the easel! More Appalachian Trail sketches…

13.Ambush 200dpi



14. Bullet color 72

Above are two new sketches to be published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette next Sunday in Don Hopey’s report of our Appalachian  Adventure reunion hike last month.

Also here are two pastels, among many, that will be included in my show this Saturday at Tate. Stay tuned!!!

November at the spillway


Edge of the world 72dpi


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The Appalachian Trail at Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry with caption 200dpi-1

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Hot off the easel ! The Appalachian Trail 20 years later

This just in!. Don’t miss Bo Emerson’s full report in the AJC July 5th. This is the cover illustration for the Personal Journey. This is the view northbound from Jefferson Rock in Harpers Ferry.

“This scene is worth a voyage across the Atlantic” -Thomas Jefferson

Harpers Ferry with caption 200dpi-1

Below is a collection of live sketches from my sketchbook the trail (finished in my studio)

A.T. layout1 72dpi

A.T. layout2 72 dpi

Harpers Ferry map 72 dpi

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These just in! Appalachian Adventure: 20 years later

Four new sketches from our reunion hike in Harpers Ferry last week. Four of the five newspapers were represented by reporters, photographers and an artist, all  from the 1995 assignment (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Raleigh News and Observer, The Hartford Courant)

Don”t miss Bo Emerson’s full report on July 5th in the AJC…

Ben Gray150dpi

Crock Rocket150dpi

Harpers Ferry 150dpi

Weaverton Cliffs 150dpi

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This is the fourth of a five part series of portrait commissions of the Atlanta Winship sisters and their husbands. Below is George Mongold and wife Nell Winship, a 23″x17″ pastel (still in progress). Stay tuned for info of an unveiling of all 5 portraits and a show of new work on July 4th.

In 1938, before he was a pilot for Delta Air lines, George Mongold transported fleeing political refugees from Costa Rica in an 8 seat 1929 Hamilton prop plane (in the painting) after a violent coup. According to his son, he received a menacing telegram from the Costa Rican government stating that his safety was at risk if he ever set foot on Costa Rican soil again.

George Mongold

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