Breaking news! Another pastel from my Quebec studio

The number of rainbows we saw on our six day hike in Ireland was astonishing. This scene was a moment on a three hour hike down the Killary from Leenan on July 28, 2017. I tried to paint it exactly as I remembered seeing it (based on sketches and photos). The only “alternative facts” in the image are the elimination of the sheeps’s bright red and blue spray paint identification (visually, that would compete with the colors of the rainbow)

Stay tuned for more from Quebec!

“Killary Fjord” 11″x14″, pastel on paper

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Hot off my easel here in Quebec

Just finished this pastel,  second in a series, of an historic New Hampshire cottage I sketched 30 years ago and revisited this past July with my sketchbook. This interior dining room has changed little since 1906.

AJC reporter Bo Emerson can confirm if President Grover Cleveland may have been a frequent dinner guest at this table with Bo’s grandfather and New York Times editor John Finley.

Stay tuned for more new work for my March 2016 solo exhibit in Augusta Georgia.

“Kilmarnock interior 2″, 14″x 11”, pastel on paper

“Kilmarnock interior 2” (detail(

Photo of John Finley on downstairs wall in Kilmarnock,


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New painting of Ireland (from my Quebec studio)

I just finished this second in a series of Ireland landscapes to be included in my March 10th solo exhibit. It was inspired by a six day hike in July with NOLS. I wanted to capture the  moment at the end of day five as we bush-whacked across a soggy green bog toward Lough Inagh, our destination for that night.

“Lough Inagh” 11′ x 14″, pastel on paper


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A new pastel, from my new Quebec studio…

I just finished this pastel of Leenane Ireland; second in a series of paintings of Ireland for my solo exhibit in Augusta GA in March . NOTE: I am NOT in Ireland right now, I am in a cabin in St. Annes des Lacs, Quebec (the snowshoe/ski trails outside my door and fresh snow are sacred!) The pastel is based on sketches and photos from a seven-day hike I took in Ireland in July, 2017. Stay tuned for more art from this most perfect studio!



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Hot off my easel! ( here in my Québec studio)

Just finished this pastel, second in a series of  paintings of an historic cottage in New Hampshire. The light in this chamber was stunning and haunting in a peaceful sense. The variety of New England wood (cherry, pines, oaks) is a symphony of siennas. It has remained unchanged since 1906.

Tomorrow I’m moving to a cabin north of Montreal that will be my home and studio
for the winter (with my trail companion “Tanook”). Stay tuned!

“Kilmarnock upstairs bedroom” 11″x14″ pastel on paper


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THIS JUST IN! New opening time and complete painting list

“A painting is different from a photograph. Buy a painting and feel alive!”

-Joe Cumming, November 25, 2017


Due to popular demand, the time of my show will now be open for viewing 1:00-6:00 today. Also, here is latest complete painting list:

“Cliffs of Moher”, 11″x14″, pastel on paper

“Last light on the boathouse”, 11″x14″ pastel on paper, $250 (matted)

” First light from the Winships (study)”, 17″x22″, SOLD

“New Hampshire cottage stove”, 14″x11″ pastel on paper, SOLD

“Kenneth’s bridge late October”, 14″x 11″, pastel on paper- SOLD

“November cloud study”, 22″x 32″, pastel on paper

“May moon rising”, 11″x 14″ pastel on paper $250 (matted)

“Lopud à l’aube”, 11″x14″ pastel on paper $250 (matted)

“Chattahoochee R. National Park print”, 17″x33″, signed giclee print $200

“Meadow sunflowers in September”, 14″x11″, pastel on paper $250 (matted)



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SOLD! (third painting!) and a CORRECTION

Just sold this (third painting pre-show sale! Also a correction: In my last post I sot a photo os my lovely sister Anne as a model with my biggest painting of the show (for scale) . NOTE! Anne was NOT the buyer of that painting. It was bought by a friend in Brazil.

“Kennet’s bridge late October”, 14″x 11″, pastel on paper SOLD

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SOLD! Just sold my second biggest painting of the show…

…and the show hasn’t even started yet!

Here’s a complete painting list of what’s still available and what has sold. All will be on exhibit at the Saturday show 3;00-6;00 at the Cumming Tate house. Stop by if you’r on the mountain!

“First light from the Winships (study) 17″x23” pastel on paper. SOLD

“May moon rising”, 11″x 14″, pastel on paper (inquire at

“Meadow sunflowers in May”, 14″x 11″, pastel on paper (inquirie at

“October last light on the boathouse”, 11″x14″, pastel on paper (inquire at

“November cloud study”, 22″ x 32″, pastel on paper (inquire at

“New Hampshire cottage stove”, 14″x 11″ pastel on paper – SOLD

“Cliffs of Moher”, 14″ x 11″ pastel on paper, (inquire at

“East Palisades Chattahoochee River”, signed , limited edition archival prints (only 188 prints available)

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EXTREME DANGER! Just finished this pastel for next Saturday show!

My first day of hiking in Ireland, this past summer was memorable. Over six miles and three hours hiking on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher with wind gusts up to 50 mph, swollen stream crossings, combined with menacing warning signs from the Clare County Council announcing in all-caps red type “EXTREME DANGER: CLIFF FALLS CONTINUING” enhanced the breath-taking beauty of the Irish coast.



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Live art from Quebec! Fourth painting from my new Canadian studio

This is actually a study for a much larger commission. (color relations, composition, and journalistic precision and accuracy make this study important for one of several commissions this winter. It will be included in my show next Saturday the 25th. 3:00-6:00 at the Cumming/Preston house. Stay tuned!

“First light from the Winships study” 17″x23″, pastel on paper

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