You just had to be there…

I started this pastel last month and finished it today. It will be included in the October 24th fundraiser for the Mountain Conservation Trust show. Stay tuned for details.

Meadow sunflowers in September72

“Meadow sunflowers in September”, pastel on paper, 14″x11″ (to see what is still available, go to click on “for sale”)

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A new pastel for October exhibit!

Just finished this pastel, today. It is my fourth effort at painting the interior of this historic boathouse (1929). I never tire of painting the rich play of light on water and old wood in shadow. It will be included for sale in the Oct. 24th, Mountain Conservation Trust annual fundraiser (stay tuned for details)

To see what paintings are still available (3 have sold already) go to  and click on “for sale”Nautical museum four 72

Above: “Nautical Museum four”, pastel on paper, 11″x14″



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Hot off the easel!

September light at the bridge72Just finished this pastel. Took a couple of days but I captured what I was trying to: dappled September light on an historic foot bridge. This piece is included in the October 24th show. Stay tuned…


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Correction and note to readers

This is a live photo of the next pastel for the upcoming show on October 24th. Also a correction; “OEUVRES NOUVEAU”  should be “NOUVELLE OEUVRES” (apologies to my french friends and Académie Française founded by Cardinal Richelieu in 1635  and reestablished by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803. Désolé. )

Live sketch from gym

Gym interior Sunday morning

Above is the finished pastel “Gym interior Sunday morning”, pastel on paper, 14″x11″

NOTE to clients/ art buyers: anyone who purchased a pastel painting from me since 2009,please note that humidity, over time, can loosen the art tape holding the pastel paper in place. Anyone experiencing a slipping of the paper, please let me know. It is very easy to fix and I can explain in email or over the phone how to do it yourself in about 2 minutes: 678-234-3728. Thank you! Stay tuned for details of upcoming show.



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This just in! Two new paintings for upcoming show

Tate icons

Above is a detail of a watercolor “Saturday night at the gym”, 11″x14″ watercolor on board,to be included in the Mountain Conservation Trust show on October 24th at the Laird house. It is based on a photo by John Emerson of the 2015 annual meeting at the gym. Stay tuned for more iconic images of Tate for the show.

Ficus from the dock72

Above is a pastel (“Ficus from the dock”, 11″x14″) It is based on a moment; 9:07 p.m. on Sunday, August 9th at the dock, after a cookout with the Oliver Wright family, dusk’s rose finger’s touched the sky while Ric Felker’s boat “Ficus” glided silently across the lake.

Saturday night at the gym 72

Above is the full watercolor “Saturday night at the gym”

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Live from the woods! Two new paintings (still wet)

Here are two new pastels I just finished for the October show. (Mark your calendars! October 24th at the Laird House. Proceeds benefit the Mountain Conservation Trust of Georgia). The Klaus and Marguerite painting has already sold.

The first is a photo of the painting “Clear Creek below the gym” on location. The second is a commission and not for sale. Stay tuned for more info.

Life imitating art

Clear Creek below the gym

“Clear Creek below the gym”, 14″x11″, pastel on paper

Ficus on Lake Sequoyah 72


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A WALK in the WOODS with John Harmon

Those who knew John Harmon, know his credentials: a fearless environmental reporter who covered North Georgia until his untimely death from cancer in 1998. He and his wife Lisa not only thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail but also the Pacific Crest Trail. I had the privilege of hiking with John on one of his last assignments, me as an artist on the Benton McKay Trail in 1997 for the AJC.

Today, I scratched around boxes of AJC tear sheets looking for the story that the AJC published of our hike. No luck. I’ll find it later. For now, I’ve included a few pages from my journal and a painting of John and his son Will on Cane Creek on his sheep farm near Blairsville.  John died before his last column and the painting were ever published.

John Harmon 3

As planned, I met John on the Benton McKay trail at 11:00 a.m. near Fowler mountain . He had hiked about 5 days solo from Springer Mountain with nothing but a tarp for shelter and had survived gale force lightning storm by rolling himself in the tarp in a gully while lightening struck all night around him. No big deal for John. What was a big deal though was that John was hiking with one kidney, a half a lung, and daily chemo injections that his wife Lisa had to deliver fresh everyday at available trailheads.

John was never one to mince words. Later on the hike, by a small campfire, he ranted a bit over trendy outdoor fads. “F— this “outdoor therapy” s—! And f— this “male bonding” crap! I don’t trust any fad that has the word “therapy” after it and takes your money.” Consequently, I was a bit surprised when I asked his opinion of Bill Bryson’s book “A Walk in the Woods”. John replied “It was hilarious! A lot of thru-hikers took offense at his perceived mockery of their sacred trail. Thru-hikers they take themselves too seriously sometimes.” Sadly, we won’t know John’s opinion of the movie version of the book he loved.

John Harmon and WillJohn Harmon1

John Harmon2




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