Mark your calendars! Unveiling December 2, 2018

This pastel commission is even bigger than my National Park mural which hangs permanently in the park headquarters at Hewlett Lodge in Roswell. Framed, this painting is over five feet wide by four feet tall! Below is a detail. Stay tuned for info of the unveiling at the Cumming/Preston house on December 2…

Above, detail of “Winship porch in October”, 36″x46″, pastel on archival grey mat board


Above: detail from 2016 National Park Mural

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Appalachian Trail class of 2018 finale

AMICALOLA FALLS, GEORGIA, October 9, 2018-Yesterday, I hiked partway up Amicalola Falls trail, the approach trail to the southern terminus of the A.T. At the visitor center, I asked Park Ranger , Charlotte, if any south bounders had arrived. She said the peak of south bounders arrive in November. Now that I’m back in Georgia for a couple of weeks before heading back to Quebec for my second full winter in Quebec with Tanook, I’ve decided to post my last journal entry on the A.T. from September 23 back in Maine. Stay tuned for class of 2019 live sketches next year!

  • Above, “Noodle” from Alpharetta, GA. on the A.T. near Manchester , VT. We gave him a ride back at Dicks Creek Gap, Georgia in April.
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A.T. thru-hikers who survived to Maine

CARATUNC, MAINE, September 3, 2018 –  For the past seven days, I have been driving north up the Appalachian trail and stopping daily at trail heads along the Appalachian trail to run and hike the trail in search of  northbound hikers. I have a list of over sixty hikers I met and befriended as “trail magic” (leaving a cooler of cold drinks ) since March back in Georgia and North Carolina. By far the most dramatic reunion was two days ago in Caratunc Maine where I found a German father/daughter I had met at Fontana Dam in April.

Above: Tanook, me, Ronald and Daughter Voney (both from Frankfort, Germany) at Caratunc, Maine two days ago.

April 24th at Fontana Dam, NC, my first meeting with German thru-hikers Voney, Ellen, and Ronald. (note how Voney has bulked up in four months and her father Ronald has lost weight).

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Live from the Appalachian Trail in Maine

CARATUNK, MAINE. September 3, 2018: Since last Friday, I have found or gotten reports of at least nine surviving northbound thru-hikers of the sixty plus hikers I interviewed five months ago back in Georgia. Yesterday, in Caratunc by the Kennebec River, I found two survivors of a trio of Germans I met at Fontana Dam on April 28. Stay tuned for my next report.

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Live from the Appalachian Trail

MANCHESTER, VERMONT, August 29, 2018 – I’m posting this from Starbucks in the tiny village of Manchester, but an hour ago, I found my first thru-hiker  (of about 60 I’ve interviewed since March back in Georgia) who has made it as far as Vermont.

His trail name is”Noodle” (see photo), a graduate of U.Texas, Houston with a degree in bio-engineering. His father is physician for NASA and Noodle has a job waiting for him at NASA when he finishes the AT. He will have to average over 17 miles a day to make it to Katahdin by October 1st.

Only one in four make it to Katahdin. So, based on that formula, only about 15 of my 60 friends are still out there sweating their way toward Katahdin. Today was brutally hot and humid (over 100 degrees heat index).

So after an easy hike this morning up Mosely Mountain, Tanook and I stayed cool the rest of the day and I painted these two watercolor studies for paintings of Tate for a show at the Cumming/Preston house on November 24th. Stay tuned!



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Live from the Appalachian trail

Below is a sketch of two of over fifty thru-hikers I’ve met on the Appalachian Trail since March. Only one out of four of these hikers make it all the way to Maine. Next week and next month I’l be on the trail in Maine looking for them. Stay tuned!

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Adieu Danny

“Danny,Pat, and Monk”, pastel on paper, 16″x 20″

For those who knew Danny Hankey this pastel of him and his wife Pat was painted as a commissioned portrait about a year ago. We lost Danny yesterday after a courageous and heroic 65 years.

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“Last Exhibit at Tate” best ever!

TATE MOUNTAIN, GA., AUGUST 5, 2018. Grande “merci” to all who came to my show yesterday and made it the best show ever! I called it my “Second Annual, Last Exhibit at Tate” because I intend to continue painting the breathtaking light and seasons of the mountain but since I have sold my house and am living in Quebec, on ne sais jamais! (you never know)

Very happy buyer Joseph Wilber and his partner Molly stand with their purchase “Dr. Wilber’s Azaelia’s” yesterday.

Laurie Alexander shows her purchase “September morning at the bridge”


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Saturday, I sketched a live watercolor at the Blues Festival at St. Sauveur of the same Eglise that I did a pastel of in February (see below). Also, yesterday, I just finished this pastel for a private commission. Both will be included in an exhibit of new paintings pn August 5, 3:00-6:00 at the Cumming/Preston house. Stay tuned!

“Dr. Wilber’s azaleas” (detail), 14″x11″, paste on paper SOLD

“L’Eglise St. Sauveur”. 22″x 16″, Pastel on paper

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Hot off the easel from my Quebec studio!

Just finished this pastel commission here in Quebec (to be included in a solo exhibit of new paintings on August 5. Stay tuned!)

“September morning at the bridge”, 11″x14″, pastel on paper

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