Trump support in Germany. A live interview

Here are some live journal entries from Germany yesterday.




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Live from Germany

Hey can y’all read this?
I’m having trouble posting my journal entries.



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Live from Germany

Hey can y’all read this?
These are live entries from my sketch book here in Germany. Not sure if I’m doing this right on my iPhone 5



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Live sketches from Croatia!





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Day 7 National Park sketchbook

Two live journal entries from 10 day western road trip.



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National Park sketchbook day 5 and 6

Here are a coupLE of journal entries from my 10 day road trip to five national parks last month. Next week: live sketches from Croatia sea kayaking with NOLS!




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Adieu Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder

En vingt-huit ans de service d’art pour le AJC, on n’a jamais eu l’occasion faire un dessin de Gene Wilder. Donc, le voila! Adieu Gene Wilder.

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Day Four: National Park Sketchbook

As we rolled across Nebraska, following a very low Platt River, toward the rocky mountains of Wyoming, a flood of memories triggered a complex sensation of love, sadness, wonder and gratitude. I saw five springs hit the great divide, from age 21-26 (1975-1980). This 10 day return trip saw some surprising changes. Stay tuned for more live sketches and observations…

Sinks Canyon scan2

Wind River near Dubois

Devils Tower 5 min sketch

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Hot and live sketches! Five National Parks in Ten Days.

Here are a few pages from my National Park Sketchbook the past 2 weeks. Returning to the land of my college days produced strong emotions and some shocking changes. Stay tuned.

Shoshoni in MacDolalds72

This scene in Lander caught my eye. A few days later, I heard a powerful speech by a Crow indian National Park ranger at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Montana. He told the true story that was passed down from eye witness stories of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. What I heard and saw last week moved me in ways difficult to explain in words.


National parks map route72

Medicine Bow Peak sketch

I spoke German to a hiking Swedish couple while I sketched this.

Tanook at Devils Tower

This sketch is of our magical campsite at Devils Tower. Tanook’s happiest campsite.


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My son asked. She said “yes!”

Over a year ago, on Tybee Island, my son asked Julie Rooks to be his bride. The wedding is now only a month away. This watercolor sketch was scanned from my journal and is the cover of the wedding invitation. (Un dessin indique mille mots.)

Wedding sketch front 72

…and here is the back of the invitation:

Wedding sketch back72

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