Trumpgansers and NOLS team Ireland

Here are a few more pages from my sketchbook in Ireland and the Allagash River in Maine. These are the first four sketches of our NOLS hiking team in Ireland. The Trump-like merganser was in Maine.

NOLS team sketch1

NOLS team sketch2


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Live sketchbook of Ireland

These were posted on Facebook last week but I just got back in my studio and scanned them from my journal. Stay tuned for finished pastels of Ireland, North Georgia and Maine for upcoming solo exhibits in October 2017 and March 2018.

Ireland NOLS map

Ireland sketch1

Ireland sketch2

Ireland sketch4

ireland sketch5

Ireland sketch6

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Glen Campbell 1936-2017

A giant among country music giants. I drew this group caricature ( including Campbell among others) in 1994 for a story by Miriam Longino published in the AJC.

“Who’s gonna fill their shoes?” George Jones

Glen Campbell detail

Glen Campbell bw

Glen Campbell color


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My last* exhibit at Tate Mountain yesterday! RECORD TURNOUT! Thanks everyone and au revoire!

Yesterday at the Cumming/Preston house, a record number of guests showed up. A big “thank you” to all who bought paintings and ordered commissioned work!

Tomorrow, I depart for four weeks of adventure travel: including a week canoeing the Allagash River in Maine with long-time friend Mckay Jenkins, visiting a friend in Portland, six days hiking the Irish coast with NOLS, and finally solo exploring regions of Ireland  and France for a solo show of new work at Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta, GA. early next year. Stay tuned!

I’m calling yesterday’s show my official first annual “last show at Tate”. (Nest summer of course will be my “Second Annual Last Show at Tate”.


Above: “November cloud study”, pastel n paper, 19″x24″

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Hot off the easel!

May moon rising 72

“May moon rising”, pastel on paper, 11″x15″

Last month the full moon caught my eye as it was rising in the lake. The mountain was empty and peaceful. I wanted to capture the moment and I finally got around to finishing this pastel today.

It will be included in a one man exhibit this Saturday at the Cumming/Preston Tate house, 3:00=6:00. Also included will be new work from Croatia and two National Park limited edition prints. Stop by if you’re on the mountain!

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Live sketches from the A.T.

Easy Going

SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK, Va- This is not a slight on all my various tribes/communities (runners, canoeists, climbers, cyclists, etc.) but I have never, NEVER, experienced such an instant bond and comradeship with Appalachian Trail thru-hikers.

Since March, I have met and spoken with dozens of thru-hikers and when I asked “How’s your hike going?”, each responded with a blissful, far away look and a resounding ‘GREAT! INCREDIBLE! BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS,!” etc.

Panorama from Signal Knob

Friday, June 16, 8:30 p.m.: Shenandoah River valley: It appeared I had the entire park to myself. This scene took my breath away and moved me to tears.

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BREAKING NEWS! More never before seen live sketches of AJC newsroom, ten years ago

72 MARIETTA ST., ATLANTA, GA, 2005-08: Here are more of my live journal entries. Some are borderline caricatures but my intentions are more endearing that ridicule. This is my record or an historic time at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

“De tout les mensonges, l’art est le moins faux” – Flaubert

View7th floor from

Shawn MacIntireNational pod

James Mallory

Jeff Schultzr

Bo and Carla

Richard Hallman

Kris Jensen Todd Duncan



Chuck Turlington


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More historic live sketches from the AJC newsroom- 2006-2008

72 MARIETTA ST., ATLANTA, GA. 2006-2008. The final days of the downtown newsroom was a time of historic tumult, anxiety, and desperate action in all newspapers as well as the editors and reporters at the AJC.

I sketched daily what I witnessed as the drama unfolded and the readership shifted from print to the internet. None of my subjects new they were being sketched. Here a just a few of the hundreds of pencil and watercolor drawings I made in my daily journal during that time. Stay tuned for more!


Chip Towers

Charles Gay Jim Wells

Cox academy


Julia Wallace

Stacey Lynch

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Live from the Appalachian Trail

Here’s a live page entry from my journal yesterday.. Spent Saturday night with about fifty thru hikers, soaking wet and very happy to be sitting out a storm in a Motel on the AT in Grose Close VA. Stay tuned…

Grill from MD

Groseclose VA

Above, Tanook is chilin with wet but happy thru hikers from all over the world in Groseclose VA , Saturday night.

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Historic, never seen, live sketches from the AJC newsroom in 2007

ATLANTA, GA. 72 MARIETTA ST. These are live, unedited, page entries from my journal in 2005-2008. I saw it. I drew it. I do miss the excitement of the newsroom and 72 Marietta Street. (I Don’t miss the commute.)

COMING SOON! My art book “The Art of New: Select illustrations of Walter Cumming published 1980-2008”

Mike Luckovich

Jean Shiffrin

  • ForsythSt
  • ajc sketchbook2
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