Interview with Jeff Galloway

galloway cropped

ATLANTA. GEORGIA, DECEMBER 12, 2019 Yesterday, Atlanta Olympian Jeff Galloway generously allowed me to interview him at his home for a one hour recording. This is the first of a series of portrait interviews of Olympians around the world.

Stay tuned for my complete interview with Jeff and other Olympic champions from around the world. Jeff had some amazing stories! He has had over 30 books published on running.

Galloway sketch

Above is rough rough water-colour sketch from my journal .

Galloway's medals

Above, Jeff poses with hundreds of medals he earned over a sixty years of running

Buekle watercolor

Above is another sketch from my journal of Atlanta Olympian and former indoor mile world record holder Dick Buerkle.


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I can’t make this stuff up!

I just finished this pastel today. It’s based on an experience I had on June 25 at 8:32 PM. Five minutes earlier, I had just had the wind knocked out of me in awe when I witnessed the mountain bathed in a burst of brilliant chartreuse as the setting sun broke out from a June storm cloud. I was still catching my breath as I drove down the mountain, past this view I had witnessed thousands of times. My jaw dropped again. I’ve never seen anything like this and likely won’t again. I simply had to record the experience in pastel.

Dusk after June storm II

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Unveiling show last Saturday

Un grand merci to all who made it to my unveiling show (despite the rain, traffic, and Georgia / Alabama game!) So here’s the final.

Winship Porch final

“Winship porch in October”, 36.5″x 46.5″


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Dialogue between mist and water in winter

ST. SAUVEUR, QUÉBEC, NOVEMBER 15, 2018: I just finished this pastel here in my Quebec studio in St. Sauveur, QC. It’s actually based on a watercolor sketch I made last January in north Georgia but, I never tire of the magic of winter colors in the north Georgia  mountains. It will be included in my unveiling exhibit on December 2.

“Bouillard d’hiver”, 11″x 14″, pastel on paper

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Live from Québec! Hot off my easel

Just finished this pastel in my Quebec studio. It’s based on a watercolor sketch I did in June in north Georgia. It will be included in my exhibit along side the unveiling of my largest painting ever. Paraphrasing Mathew McConaughey in “Dazed and Confused”…I keep getting older and my paintings keep getting better.

“Dusk after June storm”, 11″x14″, pastel on paper

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It’s official! Finished painting has been approved! Unveiling to come soon

Due to unknown turn out at this stage, time and date will be announced next week. It will be either 1:00 – 4:00 November 24th or December 1st or 2nd. Stay tuned!

Here are two details of my 4’x 5′.


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Panther sighting in north Georgia

JASPER, GEORGIA, OCTOBER 31, 2019  A panther was sighted this week for a second time at the same location it was sighted earlier this summer near Lake Sequoyah, north of Jasper Georgia.  Earlier this summer the same panther was sighted by a local resident Kenneth Caudill. “The only reason the Georgia Fish and Game folks don’t confirm panther sightings is they don’t have the funds to investigate. Everybody that lives up here has seen or heard panthers. Now, like the bear, their habitat is disappearing. We’ll be seeing them more and more.”

Illustration by WALTER CUMMING courtesy AJC

I painted the above watercolor for an AJC story by Bo Emerson on endangered species in Georgia published in the early 2000s.

In the summer of 1995, I was running with my Alaskan Malamute (always on leash) an abandoned jeep trail in a then 4,000 acre undisturbed wilderness in Gilmer County. Near a waterfall called Turkey Creek, we both froze and saw a large, dark grey panther about 30 yards down the trail. He didn’t see , smell or hear us until I made a squeak with my lips to get his attention. He looked up, saw us, and in a flash, vanished into the woods.

The following years, that 4,000 acre disturbed wilderness was developed into a gated community that today is filled with largely unoccupied mansions. The panthers are still there, and based on Kenneth Caudill’s report, we’ll be seeing more of them.

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This just in! A new date for unveiling of my biggest painting ever

It’s official. My client just approved my painting for framing. The unframed unveiling will be on Sunday, December 2, 2018, 1:00-4:00 at the Cumming/Preston house at Tate mountain. Other new paintings of Tate, Quebec and Ireland, will be available for sale. N’y manqué pas! Don’t miss it.

Here’s a 3″ detail from the 4’x 5′ painting…

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Mark your calendars! Unveiling December 2, 2018

This pastel commission is even bigger than my National Park mural which hangs permanently in the park headquarters at Hewlett Lodge in Roswell. Framed, this painting is over five feet wide by four feet tall! Below is a detail. Stay tuned for info of the unveiling at the Cumming/Preston house on December 2…

Above, detail of “Winship porch in October”, 36″x46″, pastel on archival grey mat board


Above: detail from 2016 National Park Mural

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Appalachian Trail class of 2018 finale

AMICALOLA FALLS, GEORGIA, October 9, 2018-Yesterday, I hiked partway up Amicalola Falls trail, the approach trail to the southern terminus of the A.T. At the visitor center, I asked Park Ranger , Charlotte, if any south bounders had arrived. She said the peak of south bounders arrive in November. Now that I’m back in Georgia for a couple of weeks before heading back to Quebec for my second full winter in Quebec with Tanook, I’ve decided to post my last journal entry on the A.T. from September 23 back in Maine. Stay tuned for class of 2019 live sketches next year!

  • Above, “Noodle” from Alpharetta, GA. on the A.T. near Manchester , VT. We gave him a ride back at Dicks Creek Gap, Georgia in April.
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