Terrifying painting!

For years, I’ve wanted to paint this scene of  Clear Creek under the gym but was too intimidated by the complexity of reflective light on moving water in shadows under a man made structure. Well… I screwed my courage to the sticking place and tackled it yesterday, finishing it today. It will be in the Sunday show at the Cumming/Preston house, 12:00-3:00. Check it out!

Clear Creek under the gym

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Live pastel from a 1929 dam

I just finished this 16″x20″ pastel of an historic dam built in 1929. I wasn’t around but in 1929 this scene wasn’t much different. It will be included in the show this Sunday at the Cumming/Preston house 12:00-3:00. Stop by if you’re on the mountain.

Also, a correction on last week’s post: 300 million years ago those mountains in my painting (the Oglethorpe massif) was higher than Mt. Everest, over 8 kilometers high (according to one geological theory). So current elevation is obviously substantially lower.

September mirror


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This just in! 300 million years ago!

This past Wednesday evening, a summer storm had cleared and I was driving down the mountain when I saw this scene. I’ve observed this view thousands of times but this one touched a nerve. Except for the kudzu, this scene existed for …what …several milion years? Certainly since before the Cherokee, Europeans, Scotch Irish settlers or Atlanta developers.

This pastel (11″x14″ ) will be included in the encore show at the Cumming/Preston house next Sunday noon-3:00.

Sharptop after the storm

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A new pastel for August 2 show

Every year in May, Dr. Wilber’s azaleas explode in bright magenta. When the sun hits it in mid morning…well… you have to see the original. I just finished this pastel for the August 2nd encore show at the Tate/Preston house. Stay tuned!

Dr Wilber's azaelias 72

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Hot off the easel

Just finished these 2 new pastels for an encore exhibit Sunday August 2 at the Cumming/Preston house. Stay tuned! (Many thanks to all who bought paintings last week!)

June planning at the Pavillion

This is based on sketches and photos after the June long range planning meeting (left to right Ed Daugherty Sr., Rick Rolader, Martha Daugherty, Emma Kiser.

September mirror study

This a study for a lager pastel in the exhibit.



If it will open, above is the link to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s on line story with my sketches (note: the AJC credit is incorrect. None of these sketches were published by the AJC)

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Adieu Omar Sharif 1932-2015

In honor of the passing of acting legend Omar Sharif today, I just finished this quick sketch from freeze frames from Lawrence of Arabia (still considered the greatest film of all time, in some circles).

Omar Sharif


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AJC and Pittsburgh Post Gazette on the Appalachian trail

For those who missed it, here is Pittsburgh Post Gazettes full page of my sketches published this past Sunday. Also, a big thank you for those who bought paintings at my exhibit Saturday. For those who missed the chance at their favorite Tate painting, stay tuned for an encore show at Tate in August.

The next page sketches

Harpers Ferry with caption 72dpi-1_edited-1



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