Adieux Zell Miller

The original watercolor caricature I painted in 1991 of Zell Miller is lost or stolen or given away as a gift years ago. But this published tearsheet and column by Tom Baxter remains in the archives of the AJC.


About Walter Cumming

Walter has created several travel portfolios for publication and for gallery shows. This will be his first live blog with sketchbook images uploaded from on location. Walter Cumming created award winning art for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for 28 years. In 2008 he chose to leave the paper and become a full time, independent artist. In his final year at the AJC, Cumming received his highest national and international recognition, winning both the 2008 Best of Cox portfolio for illustration and first place for illustration in the 2008 international Society of Newspaper Design.
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1 Response to Adieux Zell Miller

  1. Doug Cumming says:

    Brilliant illustration, worthy of David Levine. Your post gave me the news; I didn’t know he’d died. Miller was a complicated man, a raw mountain man, cunning politician, and good enough intellectual to call Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men the great American novel. When son William was about 11 years old, I gave him a little book by Miller called something like “I Learned Everything I Needed to Know in the Marines.” When William went wild as a teen, I never would’ve guessed that the book had any influence on him, but then William dropped out to join the Marines, and now is becoming a farmer in the Blue Ridge mountains. Maybe that book had an effect.

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