Bonjour y’all.

Just finished this watercolor commission. I’ve been sick with bronchitis past 3 weeks. Much better now. I find it curious that the 2 winters i spent in the mountains I never got sick, like a native American, no guns, steel, or germs up thar. Still, urban pioneering here in Atlanta with my son is a welcome change. Now we just need to find our new Malamute puppy.


Asha sketch 2Malade jour7

Obama's state of the union


These a puppies from a Malamute breeder in North Carolina we’re looking at next month…stay tuned!

Malamute puppies



About Walter Cumming

Walter has created several travel portfolios for publication and for gallery shows. This will be his first live blog with sketchbook images uploaded from on location. Walter Cumming created award winning art for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for 28 years. In 2008 he chose to leave the paper and become a full time, independent artist. In his final year at the AJC, Cumming received his highest national and international recognition, winning both the 2008 Best of Cox portfolio for illustration and first place for illustration in the 2008 international Society of Newspaper Design.
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One Response to Bonjour y’all.

  1. Doug Cumming says:

    I think a Malamute would be easier than our whippet-shepherd-deer combo, Junie. She has a way of jumping about 5 feet in the air to show her excitement, kicking at the door with all four paws, and chewing up something if left along for more than a few hours (destruction averaging about $10 per hour).

    She’s cute and loving. But not as cute as those Malamute pups.


    Douglas Cumming, Ph.D.
    Department of Journalism & Mass Communications
    Washington & Lee University
    Lexington, VA 24450-2116
    office: (540) 458-8208
    mobile: (540) 570-0293

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